3 Years On: Palestinians Still Here

by Waleed al-Meadana, Gaza


Sounds of bombs taking over the temporary silence that prevailed over the place, followed by the sounds of the siren of ambulances that wrecked one’s nerves. The smell of both burning flesh and gunpowder welding with one another, the black and dark scene of the clouded ashes that surrounded the overall sight, and the piercing sounds of the weeping, woeful, and sighing wounded bodies, squealing in acute pain, and being thrown everywhere. This was the clear-cut evidence that the drums of the 23-day-long war on Gaza had been beaten. And Operation Cast Lead was an order issued by Governments, by representatives, and armed by their military.

17 seconds or less were more than enough for the 60 strong warplane Israeli fleet to take the lives of 200 men, and to draw the landmarks of the massacre, never seen in the history of mankind. At the exact moment that the Israeli airman pressed the button, 200 mothers were bereaved; 200 wives were widowed; more than 200 orphans were lost. They are fatherless. But never has the Israeli airman, who pressed the button, who opened the gate of death, and instigated this dramatic action, been convicted. Yet the dead are held to blame.

Palestinians were merely numbers, and the whole world shrugged off the responsibility of holding the Israeli aggression to account. The world was subject to the Israeli will, geared by the Israeli propaganda. Once again the Palestinians to blame! They were desolate. Everywhere a man turned his eyes, he would but see appalled faces, he would but hear children screaming. Shrouds (clothes of mourning) were the most prominent, and the smell of death was repulsive. The bodies of the dead were in squalid conditions, and they stank because they were left unburied. Some were snapped at by Israeli military bulldogs. The Israelis did not have respect for the people alive, nor did they have it for the dead. Respect withered. It died the moment the happy-trigger soldiers shot a child, vanished a family –like the al-Sammouni family.

Cemeteries were not exempt. The dead, who no longer speak a breath aloud, were bombed, as if they were destined to taste death twice. Among them was my grandpa whose grave was shattered into pieces like many neighbouring others. The English Cemetery in Gaza in which many British soldiers, who died in the world War II are buried, was not exempt either. It was a war against everything, aimed at erasing and changing the history of the land. Our land. Palestine.

The fact of being here today beggars belief. A long time ago, the Israelis believed that they could eradicate the Palestinian people, change the landmarks of the land and manipulate history, yet they failed. As long as a Palestinian child knows how to pronounce “Palestine,” they will keep failing over and over. And another war would be to no avail. The first day of the war ended. Another day began, and the Israeli thirst for blood grew. More were to be slaughtered on their altar. Please, take more blood and be lost.

And another war is approaching.


Waleed al-Meadana is a 21-year-old Palestinian.

His grandparents were expelled from Jaffa. He is a student of English language and literature at the IUG, 4th level.

He is a freelance writer and translator.


~ by Bobi Pasquale on December 27, 2011.

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