Don’t Scab June 30th

June 30th lays in waiting with the potential to be a pivotal moment in our movement against the Cuts of the coalition government.

We nervously anticipate thousands of workers striking against pension cuts, and will see students and activists ‘walking out’ in solidarity. Co-ordinated between civil servants and teachers unions, this is a chance for all those fighting the cuts to public services; education, welfare, housing and huge job redundancies, to unite to take direct action and really give Clegg something to weep about.

This is a demand for equal pensions – not another fund injection to the private-sector and the most privileged in society. And we must stand together.

We know that the only language the coalition understands is money. We are continuously at the mercy of our employers and a government we didn’t even elect, and we know our strength is in numbers. We are beaten by police when we protest and told that this crisis is no fault but our own. Throughout this past year or so, nobody can deny the splits and differences in tactics, rhetoric and even ultimate aims of our movement. But June 30th is a crucial opportunity to regain our collective confidence and prove to the bosses that we are serious in our resistance.

Unfortunately not everybody has woken up and smelled the coffee they can no longer afford. One way or another, everybody will be affected by the austerity measures (even if they haven’t realised it yet). As the PCS demonstrates; the cuts to pensions equates to losing a day’s pay ‘every month for the rest of your working life’ – and that ‘working life’ will be longer.

The story is becoming repetitive; women are disproportionately affected. Again. Women will have to work an extra year in 2018 and then another in 2020 whilst also suffering the changes to public sector pensions, the majority of which is relied upon by women (who incidentally still do not have true equal pay).

Whilst £120 billion is evaded in tax it is the ordinary workers who will suffer. But we know that industrial action is our biggest chance at successfully destroying the cuts and by refusing to do the work our government depends on, our voice can no longer be ignored.

Let’s ensure this is the biggest strike since 1926 and that despite Cameron not ‘want[ing] confrontation’ – he’s definitely going to have one. See you on the picket lines.


~ by Bobi Pasquale on June 21, 2011.

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