Arrested at 16

An account of a 16 year old student arrested at the royal wedding:

“I was first challenged by police down the road from Soho square, who stopped and searched me under section 60 which i believe is a terrorist act which I had the right to remain anonymous throughout and after the search, which I was not allowed.
After I was searched, they took my oyster card and searched me using the details on the ID. They also said if I did not comply I would be arrested.They didn’t give me a search slip.

When we arrived at Soho square we were talking to press, joining in the activities etc, and police stormed the area with plain clothed officers, so me and my friend see it as a chance to leave – so we went out a back exit. But we were stopped and searched by four men, and because I had a V for vendetta mask in my backpack (nothing else) they detained me in Marble Arch police station and let me go me 3 hours after arriving because they didn’t have enough on me to actually charge me so they let me go.
My mask was confiscated and all my details where taken.

The police were very controlling and intimidating, It was pretty much comply or we arrest you, even though they were hinting at the fact I would be arrested no matter what. I wasn’t put in a cell, I was left in the back of a police van while the coppers watched the royal wedding on their ipod.”

He was also able to video  the arrest of another young boy.


~ by Bobi Pasquale on May 2, 2011.

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